Kyusho Jitsu can be described as the art of striking the vital points of the human body for the purpose of neutralizing an attacker (regardless of size or strength), with effects ranging from pain or unconsciousness to death – the level of severity obviously depends on the seriousness of the situation.
Kyusho is also described as the art of pressure point fighting. Within the first second of a physical conflict the fight should be won or lost. Kyusho is the understanding of weaker structures of the human body and how to access them to your advantage for physical confrontation or relief from common ailments.
Regardless of official definition, Kyusho Jitsu is an effective series and methodologies of using pressure points as tools of defense. It is not based on enormous strength or speed, but rather knowledge. Knowledge of the points and where they are as well as how to use them.

We are privileged to be associated with Kyusho International. Through their blessing we have established this Kyusho study group. Kyusho International,TM was formed by Evan Pantazi to spread the use of pressure points for martial and healing applications. The KI curriculum is based on proper use of points regardless of Martial Arts style. Even those without a Martial Arts background can learn through the KI curriculum. The KI curriculum places a high value for the safety of the practitioners. To honor our commitment to Kyusho International and their commitment to use, we require all participants in this program to be members of Kyusho International. A membership link is provided at the bottom of the page.

Aiki Combatives

Aiki Combatives is a program designed by Fred Mastison Sensei to teach students the fundamentals of combatives. This program is based very heavily on Mastison Sensei’s military and law-enforcement training programs. This is not a traditional Karate or any other classic art. The core principle of this course is Close Quarters Combatives. We do not teach point sparring or any other sport applications. We simply teach immediate threat control. This is an intensive course and as with the Kyusho, will only be taught in a monthly clinic format. This program is perfect for the person who wishes to supplement their martial arts training or any person who wishes to develop exceptional personal protection skills. We have provided a sample of the curriculum that we will be following. Contact Mastison Sensei for a specific schedule of what will be taught and when.

Close Quarter Combatives
Advanced nontraditional striking techniques
Advanced knife defense
Advanced gun defense
Ground fighting
Defensive use of edged weapons
Plus much more!

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